If I have to be honest, I have never read the first book I Do, I Do, I Do by Samantha Scott-Jeffries. I just bought The Final Hitch by chance, probably attracted by the colourful cover and the sweet title. I am a vivid chic-lit reader if this also explains my action.

The book is a good tale and great fun read. As a fan of travelling, I highly appreciated the writing stile and the detailed description of Majorca – its food, architecture, local people and their culture, the atmosphere and the nature. There was a moment I greened with envy and wanted to live on that island just like the main heroine Izzy Mistry. Her job as a wedding planner seemed so glamorous and sweet that I begin to ask myself why people think that this event could be the ultimate headache in their lives.

But what is actually the story about. Well, Izzy, as I said is a wedding planner in Majorca, who really loves her job and as a future bride-to-be is about to arrange her own wedding anytime soon. One of my favourite parts in the plot is the moment when she finds herself being proposed by two totally different men on a same night. One of them is her ex-boyfriend, Harrisson, and Izzy shortly finds herself back in his arms. Her dream is to start a family and a new life on the island – something, her future husband is not really excited about. However, the couple buy a house in the mountain city of Soller and begin to renovate their stunning new home. Everything seems perfect but at one point their relationship starts to fade, and Izzy is left wondering whether or not she made the right decision. What happens next is extremely sweet and interesting so you should read the book and find it by yourself.