I really do not know when was the last time you walked into a library or a book store. Many of you may not have the time , while others are not particularly enthusiastic to do so.

Books Reviewer is not just another blog for book reviews. It is a place where not only I will write about reading and books, but also the feelings and sensations they evoke in us. This is a blog for book lovers and people for whom reading is more than a pleasure, something more than killing time.

What you will find in Books Reviewer? Well, there are some things that you will definitely not find. The smell of old books and shelves, bored librarians with suspicious eyes beneath his glasses, 20 days, which books should be returned to the library or just sellers on eight-hour working day. Books Reviewer is here to offer you more – the feeling of the experience. Yes, that is right, experience, because as you read in the beginning, people do not just read books,they need to experience them.

In Books Reviewer, we will talk with authors, review books – classics and new wave, for children and adults, books with potential, which shall remain over the years. Mostly, however, we will talk about emotions and experience from reading.

Emotions that only a good book unleash!

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