The construction of the book Hamlet is well organised and blatantly shows that it is a masterpiece of English Literature created by William Shakespeare. The topic is illustrated deeply and all minute aspects are presented with astounding literary brilliance as one should expect from a writer of caliber of William Shakespeare. If I am not exaggerating, without William Shakespeare, the English Literature is somehow incomplete or discoloured. He is a god gifted writer with tremendous and extraordinary writing skills. He successfully highlights the different events happening in the life of a prince. Each character is typically fit and logically set into its sphere. All characters are composed of several defining emotions that maintain a sense of continuity throughout the book. A Summary of Events for the time period under review leads into the introduction and the main goals. Within the text of the book, there are assortments of breakout boxes that describe an event, provide evidence to support story, or relates information about individuals who were propitious in shaping the story. Unfortunately, the intriguing story may also confuse readers when they are so numerous as to distort the flow of the text. The book is completed by a thorough styling, strong characters, and a timeline augmented by providing events directly associated with the main story. The book is well-organized, making skillful use of all the available sources.

Hamlet by Shakespeare is story based on taking a revenge that is perhaps a common story like any other. A son’s quest and struggle for avenging his father’s murder is the main theme of the whole tale. But it has been said that nothing is new under the sun. All stories are old and familiar, and it is the way of telling and narration that raises it to the level of a masterpiece. Who can do this job better than Shakespeare? Love, lust, relations, power, revenge, suspence and hatred, those indispensable elements of every story, were portrayed totally in a new by Shakespeare. It is a timeless classic. The drama attracts the reader into an intimate engagement and everybody feels for the tragedy of Hamlet.

Hamlet’s tragedy becomes the tragedy of every man. In all nations you can see political intrigues and love affairs. Scandals in the court are scintillating without being surprising. With the words “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, Shakespeare underlines the universality of ‘rottenness’. The king of Denmark was killed by his own brother, who was behind the crown and the queen. Hamlet, the prince, recognised it and vows revenge. I highly recommend this book.