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Upcoming Book Releases in March,2018 (week 2)

#1. The Scars I Bare (By the Bay #2) by J.L. Berg — Romance After Tragedy — "Dean and Cora have more in common than either are willing to admit. Both deeply rooted in their pain, they can’t help but find hope... Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey is a lot like Twilight, in that it’s the story of an archetypal insecure, socially-awkward but obviously attractive young woman who pursues an abusive relationship with a dangerously controlling but über-handsome young man. This, of course,... Continue Reading →

Half A King by Joe Abercrombie

Half A King is a first for British author Joe Abercrombie, in that it isn’t an adult fantasy gore-fest packed with strong language and humorous sex scenes. It’s also a first for the young adult fiction genre, in that it... Continue Reading →

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