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Interview with D.Bassiti, Author of God of Thieves: Initiation

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome D. Bassiti, the author of God of Thieves : Initiation Book here, in my blog. Hi, and thanks for inviting me! Tell me a little about yourself? Well, although I’ve been... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author C.E.Allan

This week's interview is with C.E.Allan, author of The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat. He was born on September 20, 1974 in London, England but for the time being lives in New Jersey, USA. His passion for stories started at the age... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author LK Kelley

This week's interview is with the author of The White Wolf Prophecy and the upcoming series the Anaerris ,LK Kelley. I interview the Author for the second time as my first time was a year ago when I was still a... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author Raven H. Price

This is the second interview I have with the gorgeous author Raven H. Price -a Christfic Fantasy/Romance writer who inspires without preaching. I still remember my first one, a year ago. Actually, Raven H. Price was first guest author who... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author Rae T. Alexander

This week's interview is with the amazing and very talented Rae T. Alexander,author of The Royal Stones of Eden and the Jo Danning Mysteries. Rae is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Therefore, it naturally does not... Continue Reading →

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