Evgeniy Chernyak is one of the bosses every worker wish to have. However, he is just one in the world (I suppose) and apart from that his office is far, far away.

But when we speak of him, the first thing to mention is actually his business… The Ukrainian is a head of an alcohol holding company, in which portfolio is the well known vodka Khortytsa.

But in his life and long before the vodka, first came books.

While serving in a unit in Odessa, Chernyak, born in 1969 young man, discovered a neglected world – the world of books. In the army, he became so addicted to reading that his passion still burns in his heart.

A book can change a man:

The businessman firmly believes in this and tries to implement this philosophy in the workplace. “A higher culture,” he says in an interview with Forbes, “helps one to be more effective in business and in the workplace.” When people reading , the microclimate in the company gets better. They just discuss similar things, live more together, share one love… the love for books.

The more you read the better payment you get:

Chernyak applies a strange form of encouragement inside his company. If someone of his employees wants a higher salary, he has to take an exam where needs to ask a few questions. The questions, on the other hand, are based on an actual book which title is a part of the Boss’s Bucket List.

Recommended by the Boss:

Chernyak created a list of thirty titles that he believes everyone should read. The list is based on books that impressed him. These books are the same ones that determine the wages of his employees. In the list, for example, are “War and Peace”, “Master and Margarita”, “The Old Man and the Sea”, etc.

So after work instead of vodka with friends, it seems that another good and profitable combination is a book with friends. The company wins, so do you.

Other Chernyak’s principles:

Again, according to Forbes magazine, Chernyak”s fortune is estimated at about $ 350 million, which, however, does not stop him from telling the Ukrainian Pravda that he is an ordinary man, just like any other. His life is simple – takes the subway every day without showing off. If he needs taxi he uses Uber. Chernyak does not have a cabinet or an assistant. In case he needs to travel, he books a room and plane tickets by himself.

Photo: Wikipedia