It’s sounds wonderful that while you’re drinking your favourite wine it is also possible to ready interesting stories at the same time. It’s curious but the only strange thing is the fact that the book is actually sticked to the bottle of wine.

The Italian Winery Matteo Correggia in partnership with the designers at Reverse Innovation created the Librottiglia line, which has a catchy title, a combination of the Italian words for “book” and “bottle”.

The Librottiglia range is distinguished by the original “label book”: a small, elegant book that serves as the front label of the bottle. Its graphic design boasts a minimalist style, modern and at the same time surprising. The cover of each story is illustrated with an intriguing image. The cord attached to the book converts the opening and closing of the book into a ritual and establishes a “common thread ” that strengthens the identity of the coordinated product line. A textured paper stock was used to enhance the sensual, tactile aspect of the experience.
Finally, the 375ml bottle was chosen as the ideal volume to express the concept of the project: a short story to read while you enjoy two glasses of delicious wine.

“Today we read books on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Why not on a bottle of wine?” This is the insight from the creative team at Reverse Innovation. “After years of discussion about analogue versus digital, we want to propose an alternative: oenological instead of digital”, adds the designer with a touch of humour.

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