When we talk about a journal or a diary, we usually thought of the old paper notebooks where we can write down texts or draw with a pen. Nowadays, many of us are used to communicate only with electronic messages, but traditional paper continue to have many advantages, as well. Keeping a diary or a journal not only improves your ability to express yourself in writing – see what other benefits it has.

#1. You can easily relief stress without hurting anyone – both physically or emotionally.

Nowadays, we are constantly in motion – from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. But when you take a few minutes a day to sit down and write in your diary, this allows you to gather your thoughts, calm down for a minute and express all your feelings. When you write on paper, breathing is automatically slowed down and adjusted, and thoughts cannot be wandered outside of the assigned task. You will be surprised how much you can benefit from these few minutes of tranquility.

#2. Tell a story.

Journaling lets you write down everything you you are thinking, felling and experiencing without being judged by others.

#3. You can “scream” without being heard:

The diary is the perfect place to express your frustrations (mostly negative). If your boss is pissing you off, write down all the idiotic things that made you angry during the day and shut the cover down. If your children behave awful but you choose to be an understanding and patient parent, pour out your anger in the diary – this will be great stuff for them when they themselves have children one day.

#4. Have a project? The diary can help you achieve your goals:

Do you have a project but don’t know where to start from or how to proceed? A diary can be a great assistant to keep you motivated. No matter what the goal is, just write down where you are – every little success, as well as moments of an anxiety, doubt or a failure. In this way you will not lose focus, will keep a track of your progress and maintain your enthusiasm.

#5. Just to be cool:

Can you think of a friend who is keeping a diary or a journal? Probably not! Well, now who is cool?

#6. To escape from the digital world:

Need a break from all the craziness of the real world? Social media is a wonderful thing but when it comes to your own private space, well … you do not have a such.

#7. For the memories:

As you grow up things will change a lot. From your friends to your relationships, everything will be different. It will be nice to look back and remember all the good things that happened to you and the moments that make you laugh. Probably, you will keep a record of your first date, first kiss and first heartbreak.

#8. If you want to have a best friend:

We all have best friends, but if we have to be honest even they cannot keep all our secrets. There are moments of jealousy or frustration when everyone can tell your biggest secrets. A diary is your private place where you can share all your emotions without them being revealed.

#9. You cannot hurt anyone:

Sometimes truth is painful or there are a number of reasons why we cannot reveal it. However, you can feel less guilty by writing it down on your diary and wait the best moment to share it.