Meryl Streep is my favorite actress who still amazes me for almost half a century. She is talented and definitely has the gift of creating a special kind of magic with her partners in the cinema and theatre. She can recreate even in small details, any image that she engages in. With her respectable stage presence, her strong social position and her inimitable sense of humor, she is one of the living legends of our time.

Like many other great actors, Streep’s career has a strong literary underpinning. Her adaptations are incredible and she was nominated numerous times for Golden Globe and an Oscar.

#1. Joan from Kramer vs. Kramer by Avery Corman:

In 1979, Streep won “Golden Globe” and “Oscar” awards for the role of a mother who divorces and abandons her child to look for her own identity. The actress says that Joan’s image is her first major challenge in cinema, allowing her to recreate the nuances of one character and her inner struggle, as well as to show the changing role of women in our society.




#2. Sophie’s Choice by William Styron:

Probably one of the career-defining performances of Maryl Streep was her role as Sofie – a woman who survived the Holocaust. The heroine hides a terrible secret from her past and feels an unbearable sense of guilt.  The only reason to live is her friend Nathan, who is obsessed with the Holocaust. There are ghostly images and painful intrusive ideas which stand in the way of their impossible happiness that need to be shared.


#3. Carrie in Greetings from Hollywood, based on the biography book of Carrie Fisher:

“Greetings from Hollywood” is an ironic and witty story based on the semi-autobiographical book of legendary Kari Fisher. Streep plays the of an actress, recovering from her drug addiction and determined to build again her glamorous career. The image allows Streep to show us her comedic talent and to be paranoid and vulnerable, confident and optimistic at the same time.


#4. Franceska in The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller:

Clint Eastwood’s 1995 film, based on the novel by Robert James Waller, is one of the rare instances of an adaptation improving on the novel where the role of Franceska is one of the key performances of Maryl Streep. Along with the elegance, self-confidence, and stoicism, Streep manages to build a powerful core of passion and emotion that is the foundation of the entire movie. The wonderful exotic pictures of Kenya are the perfect backdrop for her great talent, and brilliant Robert Redford just the perfect partner in the movie.