February is a month full of holidays and expectations. Especially when we are talking about books, we are curious and impatient to grab the next reading. Here are 10 Upcoming Book Releases That Will Blow Your Mind in February (Part 1). And do not forget to follow the blog for more Awesome Upcoming Book Releases during The Month of Love.

#1.  — Romantic Comedy — “Sara is forced to become the court-appointed guardian to handle Ethan’s share of the fortune, as his family do not trust him to manage it himself. Sara thinks it should be easy, but it’s not so simple when Ethan is determined to get rid of her by whatever means necessary…” Upcoming Release: February 1st 2018.


#2. Doc by SM Lumetta — Sexy Romance — “Nora Bennett doesn’t need a man. Well, she does on occasion, but casual sex is the only acceptable option. Nora is confident in all of this (or so she says)—except perhaps when it comes to the sexy stack of Aussie that is her ex-fling Declan “Doc” Wellesley.” Upcoming Release: February 2nd 2018.

#3. The Complicated Casanova (Hopeless Romantics novel) by Nina Bocci — Contemporary Romance — “A delightfully sassy and sexy romance about a campaign manager who reluctantly works with the local Lothario to help revamp his image for the upcoming mayoral elections, only to discover that he’s hiding something that can turn both their lives upside down.” Upcoming Release: February 5th 2018.


#4. The Saturday Night Supper Club (A Supper Club Novel) by Carla Laureano — Women’s Fiction — She’s a chef whose career is destroyed by a editorial piece that went viral. “Alex agrees to help rebuild Rachel’s tarnished image by offering his connections and his home to host an exclusive pop-up dinner party targeted to Denver’s most influential citizens: the Saturday Night Supper Club. As they work together to make the project a success, Rachel begins to realize Alex is not the unfeeling opportunist she once thought he was, and that perhaps there’s life—and love—outside the pressure-cooker of her chosen career. But can she give up her lifelong goals without losing her identity as well?”  Upcoming Release: February 6th 2018.


#5. The Belles (The Belles #1) by Dhonielle Clayton — YA Fantasy — Set in a lush French-inspired fantasy world. “But once Camellia and her Belle sisters arrive at court, it becomes clear that being the favorite is not everything she always dreamed it would be. Behind the gilded palace walls live dark secrets, and Camellia soon learns that the very essence of her existence is a lie-that her powers are far greater, and could be more dangerous, than she ever imagined. And when the queen asks Camellia to risk her own life and help the ailing princess by using Belle powers in unintended ways, Camellia now faces an impossible decision.” Upcoming Release: February 6th 2018.