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December 2017

Things Book Lovers Have In Common

If you read this article, then you are a 100% book lover - a person who loves the world of fairy tales or the smell of newly print book. And though we are different people, experiencing the stories in a... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Book Releases January 2018

January is the best time of the year to make a fresh start and begin the new year with brand new, fancy books. Just choose one from this Top 10 Upcoming Book Releases in January, 2018. #1.¬†Show Me by Abigail... Continue Reading →

8 Awesome Bookish Things To Do During The Holidays

Go shopping - Buy yourself a new book, or a fancy notebook. Do you not have a cover for your favorite novel? Holidays are probably the best time of the year when you can find really good deals here and... Continue Reading →

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