This eBook is the first series by S. A. Archer in the Touched Series, and it is about twenty-three pages long. It falls under the urban fantasy genre to be more specific. Its tells the tale of a private investigator, London Eyer, who specialised in the paranormal involving vampires, werewolves, Brownies, and the likes and who was touched by a Sidhe and practically cursed to serve only him. The storyline seemed to revolve around England, Ireland and Isle of Man, and common places for investigators like “the ruins of Mean Oiche,” the club, the pier for a stake-out, just to name a few. First few pages of the book mentioned the likes of vampires (Selena), teleporters cum feys (Rico and his bodyguards), magic (the wizards), and the Changelings (Deacon and his army), whereas London was the normal human being involved with all of them. The up side of the book is that it didn’t revolve entirely on the paranormal-fantasy genre, and that it blended in with the real-life where there were also actions and adventures that a normal human being would go through daily. The plot moved from one to another in cohesion so it wasn’t an issue keeping track of the events unfolding at every page. However, if you don’t concentrate enough, it will be difficult to follow the thread as the action parts were minimal and yet they drew you away from the current goings-on for a good duration that it made you wondered what happened before the fight broke out. I find myself occasionally tracing back the events that had led to the brawl initially (it was a paranormal genre instead of a full-blown action-packed writing). Also because there were too many creatures involved at one time (fey, weres, changelings, wizards, etc.) it was challenging to bear in mind who was who or what. The consolation is that the words used throughout the writing were straight-forward, nothing difficult or trendy except for the few and occasional paranormal-beings’ titles. The down side was London was made to be the heroine of the story, albeit dependent on the “Touch” that only a Sidhe possessed. She seemed to be living a double persona – strong as a gun-bearing Private Investigator, but weak as a Touch-thirst slave. Due to this, she was made vulnerable and defenseless against the other paranormal beings when at first I thought the Touch would somehow give her supernatural powers. It didn’t. Also, I couldn’t figure out the real threats in this story. Was it Deacon, the Changeling? Was it the wizards who hunted the feys? Rico, the Sidhe who “touched” London and “cursed” her, seemed to only appear at the beginning and towards the end of the story, just when I figured that he might be London’s hero throughout her journey. And it was disappointing to know that despite Kev’s singing Rico’s praises, he died in the end – from a bullet apparently. Overall it was an engaging read and as the book has many sequels and there are many series available, it is something to look forward to.