Anthony Doerr shows a sense of real maturity while writing this novel. He touches the peak of his literary work. Ironically presenting the history and combining it in the form of a smoothly flowing tale is just astonishing. It is never easy to create the picture of events in the form of a reader’s eye, but Anthony Doerr knows this trick very well. It is the core and basic reality of his success as a writer, and it gives different colours to his work.

In his novel,All the Light We Cannot See’, Anthony Doerr organised the characters of different nature in a single tale. He brings different emotions to one main point and that seems fabulous. It is the story of a blind girl from France and an orphan boy belonging to Germany and both of them are facing adversities of World War II.

However, this novel is written about the era of war but the story of novel is quite different and interesting. Marie Laure, the poor blind girl who takes refuge in Saint Malo along with her family. Her father teaches her way to her house by touching different objects and memorising them, so that she can reach home safely.

Werner, orphan from Germany, is adept at repairing radios. He joins the army due to this talent. He understands the technology very well even at that time. Fate plays its game. Werner comes to the Saint Malo and meets Marie Laure. The story takes twist after this meeting.

As far as characters are concerned, you can hate some of them, but this is also literary victory of Anthony Doerr who presented evilness in its full form through these characters.

There is also a diamond which is very precious but the influence of characters is overwhelming in this context. Overall the story is very balanced and well shaped. Anthony Doerr described things simply like he writes, ‘a real diamond is never perfect’. It is very easy for anyone to understand it and conceive it as a quote. Only a writer of Anthony Doerr’ caliber can deal with this subject fairly.

You will feel same interest and attractiveness of the story from the first page to the last word. I didn’t find a single boring or irrelevant word in the entire novel. These features make All the Light We Cannot See’ is an amazing and amusing novel. Its plot, story, characterisation, description of events, styling and even emotions are precisely and accurately portrayed. Anthony Doerr sensibly calculated each aspect of the novel. All these things, when combined, turn writing into a masterpiece and All the Light We Cannot See’ is a real masterpiece of Anthony Doerr. I highly recommend reading this novel, but you must read it with an open heart. You will surely enjoy it.