St.Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you are probably looking for a unique gift for your loved ones. Book lover or not here are 12 wonderful gift ideas for a more bookish holiday.

#1. Our Adventure Book:


We all have that special someone in our life who has been through a million of adventures with us. Our Adventure Books is the perfect gift for your friend, your partner, or any special someone in your life. That person who’s always there for better or for worse, who makes you laugh, and who makes you smile, makes you angry but makes your world better. The book will store all your unforgettable memories, the nice things that happen to you, the things you like to do together, your funniest memories…

#2. Personalized Bookmark


There is no better gift than a personalized bookmark. You can personalize your heart shaped bookmark with your anniversary date, the day you met, or another special memory or date!

#3. Naughty Valentines Day Card


If you have got naughty idea and want to get the night moving in the right direction. You find that a great way to get things started is to get a Naughty Comic Book Valentines Day Card for your special someone.

#4. My Heart – Folded Book Valentine


This unique book is made by carefully folding the individual pages of a book to send a message to your sweetheart.

#5. Reasons I want to marry you


This wonderful journal is a perfect gift for every book lover especially if they are your sweetheart.

#6. Paper cut book


Paper cut book is perfect for Valentine’s day or as a alternative wedding present. It is in a ‘carrousel’ form and has 5 illustrated sections. The covers of the book can be tied together with the leather cord to create a 360 degree effect. There are three layers to the book, the first being silhouettes of a couple, the second is the lyrics to Nat king Cole’s L-O-V-E and the last is a plain coloured background.


#7. Reasons Why I Love You Illustrated Gift Book


#8. Custom mini book necklace


There is nothing better than an original and personalized gift. Especially when it is handmade. You can easily impress your fellow book lover with a valentine’s gift, featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s, “A Valentine”!

#9. Harry Potter Book Page Single Rose Valentines


A stunning single stem rose is handmade from the pages of second hand books is a lovely gift for those who love reading or just that love flowers. This quirky gift won’t die which makes it a fabulous keepsake gift.

#10. I Love You Valentine HEDGEHOG with heart print over an up cycled vintage dictionary page book art


It is an unique gift and amazing way to up cycle books in order to give them new life. The image is printed directly on the recycled paper. As for the result, it is a unique and absolutely beautiful print suitable for framing.

#11. Book Heart made of up cycled paper


This lovely heart shape wreath is made of vintage book pages as each paper rose is handcrafted from beautifully aged book pages. Pink and champagne beads in the flowers’ centre, with pink satin ribbon. This wreath will keep long past when fresh flowers will have wilted.

#12. Small Folded Book Page Hearts from Up cycled Vintage Text


This is a simple, unique, and fun folded hearts with a heartfelt edge suitable for every book lover.

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