We all have our ways of marking our place in a book before closing it for the time being no matter if it is a folded page, old receipt from the grocery store or just the ridiculous idea that we will remember the book’s page, the chapter and the line. 

Here are 10 super clever and absolutely creative bookmarks that every book-lover must have. So grab your favourite cup of coffee and be prepared to choose your favourite one.

Recycled Vintage Silver Plate Spoon Bookmark


This unique bookmark is designed to hold around 1 to 10 pages and it is great gift to any bookworm. But let’s face it … we all love a good book and a warm cup of coffee. 

Personalised Photo Bookmark


Displayed as a traditional film reel you can add up to four photographs of your cherished moments to be displayed on the front of this bookmark.

Alice in Wonderland bookmark


“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”
Little cutie forgot to mention a bookmark, but who wouldn’t after falling down the rabbit hole? (by MyBookmark)

Snowflake Mug Page Clip Planner Clip Bookmark


You can always make someone smile with this small and stylish Snowflake Mug Page Clip Planner Clip Bookmark. 

ZIPPER Bookmark


If you are afraid that you will miss the page of your book, do not worry. With this zipper bookmark it is almost impossible. 

To Smell The Inside Of A… Bookmark


This lovely bookmark features the quote, “To smell the inside of a book is a treasure of this world” and it is a perfect gift for every book lover.

Lightmark Reading Lamp Bookmark


This little lamp looks so unique in a book on the shelf that it can be a great conversation piece. 

Custom Map Bookmark


You will never get lost with this Custom Map Bookmark.

Just one more chapter  bookmark


This bookmark can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or can be a treat for yourself.

Plant Bookmark


Who planted this inside my book?